My Name is Tami.

I am a  married mother of two boys, two dogs and two cats!

In my previous life I was a registered Dental nurse. However, I recently decided to make my passion for dogs and open spaces my new career.

Being a dental nurse (even part time) stopped me from doing what I enjoy most, walking my dogs.

So I decided to take the plunge and change my life for the better so that I could be a full time dog walker and dog boarder.

I have two Border Collies called Sam and Jess.

As a collie owner I have to be able to outsmart my dogs and keep their brains as active as their legs!

Jess is fond of not wanting the walk to end so I have to be one step ahead at all times and look out for triggers that distract her, like other dogs and open spaces!

When she first came to us at 6 months old, we were her 3rd owners, so it took a while to gain her trust and teach her basic commands. I'm pleased to say that with a lot of hard work and love, she has accepted us as her forever home.

I consider my self to be an accomplished dog owner, having now had 4 dogs, all rescues and all with behavioural issues that with patience and love were either overcome or brought under control.

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As a Dog Care Professional, I am of the opinion that learning how a dog thinks and behaves is vitally important.

It can help us to understand why they do the things they do and how we as humans can help them to feel calm and relaxed.

There for, since becoming a Dog Care Professional, I have made sure that I have kept my knowledge base up to date with the latest thinking on Canine Body Language, Behaviour and Force Free training techniques.

Also, it is vital that all who walk dogs for a living, understand the physiology of  dogs and make sure that we are trained in administering 1st Aid in the event of trauma from injury.

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