What we do and what we need to know if you would like to use happy Dog Days Dog Walking & Dog Boarding Services


I aim to provide a professional and caring service to our customers, and their owners!

When I come to collect your dog for it's walk with me, whether it be a pack walk or solo walk, your dogs safety and well being is paramount.

On wet days, I will make sure your dog is returned home with clean feet and dry fur. On the rare occasions we have hot weather, dog walk times and locations may be altered to prevent dogs from getting hot feet or heat exhaustion. In periods of prolonged extreme heat (such as the summer of 2018), it may be necessary to shorten or cancel walks for the safety of the animal.

Things we need to know 

In order for us to provide you and your dog with a professional and responsible dog walking or dog boarding service, we will need you to provide us with some important information.

On our first meeting I will give you a form to complete, that I will keep secure and confidential, giving me details of things such as the name and address of the Veterinary surgery your dog is registered with and any quirks and personality traits your dog has.  Traits such as not liking other dogs, cats or loud noises and whether your dog is suitable for off lead walking. I will also accompany you on a walk to understand the extent of your dogs knowledge of commands, its recall ability and how it interacts with other people and dogs. This will help us to know what type of walk and environment best suits your dogs needs.

We ask that all dogs have up to date vaccinations, are Microchipped in accordance with the 2016 microchipping laws introduced by the government on 6th April 2016, and that we have a note of the chip number and the contact details of the Chipping company in the event of a dog running off and becoming lost.

There will be a request for permission on the form allowing me to take the dog immediately to my veterinary surgery in the event of an injury.

For your peace of  mind,  I will also show you my indemnity certificate, my Enhanced CRB certificate and my Dog 1st Aid qualification certificate.