A deposit will be required once a booking is made, of 50% of the overall booking fee  (Cash or Debit card payments). The outstanding   balance is then to be paid before or on the commencement date. 



We ask that customers acknowledge cancellation charges apply in the form of loss of deposit for bookings cancelled with less than 8 weeks notice for long standing bookings. 

Bookings made less than 8 weeks in advance will need to be paid in full at time of booking and any cancellations will result in a loss of 100% of booking fee paid.

Who Will Your Dog Be Boarding Alongside

It is possible that other dogs may be boarding at the same time as your own. We aim to board a maximum of 2 additional dogs to our own at any one time.

Dog Behaviour Code

 Should your dog show aggressive tendencies towards other dogs in company’s care or other family members, or should it’s behaviour become uncontrollable or a nuisance beyond reasonable acceptance, client then agrees that their dog will be placed in a dog boarding kennel until customer’s return and that customer will meet any additional costs as part of this clause. 

Damage to Business Property Caused by Your Dog


Client is financially responsible for any damage to company’s property caused by your dog whilst boarding. In the event of any damage, photos will be taken of damage and client will be asked to reimburse Happy-Dog days for any (reasonable)  costs incurred repairing or replacing damaged property. Where possible, please inform us in advance of any destructive tendencies your dog usually/or may exhibit as a result of separation anxiety, this enables precautions to be taken to prevent damages occurring.


Dogs Health 

*Customer confirms that the dog’s immunisations, flea and worm treatments are up-to-date. 

*Company reserves the right to decline to care for any dog we consider to be visibly unwell at the time of leaving the dog with us. Company also reserves the right to withdraw from a booking with an unspayed bitch in season, or due to come into season, whilst resident with us. Company will not be liable for any costs incurred by customer in the event of such cancellations and will retain 50% of the overall fee.